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3 Hurricanes
“As someone who has lived through three hurricanes, the thing I found the most useful was a WaterBOB. Hurricanes (and all extreme weather events) could cause you to lose power – which means no well water. And even if you are on city water, the storm could stir up the reservoir and cause a boil water alert – sort of hard to do with no electricity. A WaterBOB gives you a bathtub full of water in a sealed container to keep it clean. It even includes a pump to extract only the water you need.”

Jim M.

“Saved my families life during hurricane!
I had to use this during the hurricane and it truly saved my family’s life. This was the best purchase I have ever made for preparedness. I have since bought two more. It’s fast, easy to use, and lasted two weeks without water. Great investment!”


“Great product.
I bought this a few weeks before Irma hit by our home. When everyone was running around trying to get bottled water, we just filled this up instead. It holds 80 to 100 gallons, and water weighs 8 pounds per gallon. It was easy to use and was a God send to have. It is something that you want to have if you need it, but pray you never have to use it. It also calmed the children down, they saw that we had plenty of water and they didn’t have to worry. When they know Mom and Dad have a plan, they don’t panic. Well worth the money, much cheaper than bottled water to store.”


Don’t wait until it’s too late

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